Autumn in Dundee: What’s on?

We’ve suggested a few autumnal spots for pleasant woodland strolls, gallery browsing, fantastic grub, and more, but what about cultural events happening in the city in the next few weeks? Here’s a few exhibitions you could pop along to.

V&A autumn workshops

This weekend (24 and 25 November) Dundee’s V&A is hosting two autumn, pop-up workshops for adults and children alike. These workshops are part of a series of autumn pop up performances in the museum of design, which have been hosted over the course of November so far.

Happening on Saturday 24, to mark the opening of the V&A’s photography centre, is an interactive performance by Sadler Wells’ Youth, Dance Company. It will feature the theatrical telling of magical tales from the Middle East.

Happening on Sunday 25, and in keeping with the programme’s celebration of Diwali this weekend, is the drop-in design workshop. This workshop allows those involved to learn about the medium of photography, and discover more about the V&A’s collection in Weaving stories. For more info about both of these events check out the V&A website.

Man soaks up culture in a stunning, classical art gallery. Soak up all the culture you can in Autumn in Dundee this year! (Photo: Unsplash).

DCA Santiago Sierra exhibition

The DCA’s current exhibition by Santiago Sierra, entitled ‘Black Flag’, finishes up after this weekend (24 and 25 November) so don’t miss out! Spanish artist Santiago Sierra’s work is inspired by the minimal and conceptual art movements of the 1960s and 70s. The exhibition is made up of immersive photographic and sound installation pieces.

McManus Revealing Characters exhibition

The McManus’ current Revealing Characters Exhibition explores the history and long-lived attraction of the portrait versus modern day photography. How did artists adapt to photography as the new artistic form of portrait? Find out at the exhibition.

The Mills Observatory

Interested in checking out the Mills Observatory Autumn/Winter programme? Have a look for info on astronomy themed craft activities, planetarium shows (tours of the night sky and galaxies), scientific experiments, astronomy talks, and so much more. All family friendly, and an extremely fascinating way to enjoy the weekend.

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We will keep you updated with many more events to enjoy throughout November and December (remember autumn isn’t over until December 21!), so stay tuned as much as possible.

Claire Merten