Don’t forget: Ian McKellen is headed to Dundee this August to celebrate his 80th birthday

On August 9 at Dundee’s world-class Rep Theatre, McKellen will perform his latest one-man show ‘Ian McKellen on Stage: With Tolkien, Shakespeare, Others and You’ as part of a celebratory tour for his 80th birthday.

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I’m celebrating my 80th birthday next year by touring a new solo show to UK theatres I know well and a few that I don’t. The show starts with Gandalf and will probably end with an invitation to act with me on stage. In-between there will be anecdotes and acting. I open at my local arts centre in January and end up by August in Orkney. Live theatre has always been thrilling to me, as an actor and in the audience. Growing up in Lancashire, I was grateful to those companies who toured beyond London and I’ve always enjoyed repaying that debt by touring up and down the country myself, with the National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, Prospect Theatre, the Actors’ Company, as well as with commercial productions. Sean Mathias, the director and I have worked together for stage and screen, many happy times. More information at

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The show starts with McKellen’s comical portrayal of Gandalf, and ends with him inviting a lucky audience member up on stage to act alongside him – if you managed to bag tickets, you should probably get ready for your close-up.

For more information about the show, click here.

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