Experience Dundee’s textile heritage at the Verdant Works’ ‘Celebrations in the Mills’ exhibition

Ever fancied learning more about Dundee’s much talked about industrial textile heritage?

Then you should head to the latest exhibition at the city’s Verdant Works between now and late January.

The popular museum, which was once an old jute mill (featured above) with thousands of dedicated workers, is holding a ‘Celebrations in the Mills’ exhibition until January 31.

The exhibition tells the story of how hard the workers – mostly women and children – in the old mill actually grafted. It will feature fascinating objects brought from the Verdant Works collection, which were used on a daily basis by workers in alarmingly dangerous conditions.

‘Celebrations in the Mills’ gives you the opportunity to learn about the lives of men and women working during a dramatically different era in Dundee, and the unique tradition of our city’s textile industry.

For more information on the exhibition, click here.

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Claire Merten