IT’S FINALLY FRIYAY: SeeDundee’s idea of a perfect chilled weekend in the city – from breakfast, to dinner, to everything in between

Congratulations are in order!

If you are reading this post it’s likely that you have MADE IT to Friday *exhales deeply* and are looking for something uplifting to do over the weekend in Dundee.

Rest assured, this city has plenty to offer in the way of activities, entertainment, and relaxation.

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Yup. Us too ^

In sharing our vision of the perfect weekend in Dundee, we reckon that you can find something here which tickles your fancy.

Because the weekday grind can often be overwhelming (and not all of us are capable of bouncing back the way we used to), let’s focus on how you can experience the perfect chilled weekend.

Breakfast in the city


There’s no better way to enjoy the most important meal of the day than with a traditional scone and cuppa.

The Tartan Coffee House on Perth Road is ideal for enjoying breakfast (hot or cold), surrounded by quirky artwork, majestic furniture, and cosy tartan blankets.

Dining in this cafe is kind of like dining in a posh and patriotic country-manor living room – and we’re totally okay with that.

Perth Road browsing

After a morning of soaking up the Scottish charm, you could go for a stroll along Perth Road, checking out its gallery-esque boutiques as you go.

Indigo House and Windsor Gallery are chock-a-block with unique trinkets, colourful interior pieces, and creative little gift ideas.

Get your caffeine kick

It goes without saying, the ideal weekend consists of several coffee/cuppa stops.

The Tartan Coffee House isn’t the only location for caffeine consumption.

Other stopping points should include: Blend Coffee Lounge.

Already channeling noticeably ‘Instagrammable’ vibes, Blend opened its doors in Dundee only a few months ago.

With sparkly fairy lights across brick walls, its own library, and an abundance of cacti, it is the perfect spot to sit back and relax in.

The BachPacamara, and Parlour are other spots we recommend that you check out for crucial thirst quenching purposes.

Release the tension

Next port of call after breakfast – a massage, to relieve the symptoms of a gruelling work week.

The Sunflower Room on South Tay Street is the go-to place for affordable massage treatments.

Photo: SeeDundee media.

The salon’s waiting room is enough to turn you into a mindfulness practicing, yoga loving, health supplement enthusiast.

With its complimentary drinks menu, pristine layout of skincare products, and ocean wave music.

Enjoy Dundee’s natural beauty

You’re fuelled by breakfast and caffeine, but feeling suitably at ease after a pleasant massage experience.

The University of Dundee Botanical Gardens, located beside the River Tay, are a cheap and cheerful way to spend the remainder of the afternoon.

Equipped with a popular cafe, gift shop, and greenhouses, you can eat lunch here, followed by a couple of hours learning about the garden’s beautiful plants, flowers, and herb gardens.

Autumn at the Botanic Gardens (Photo: DCT Media).

BUT HOLD UP. Hanger is kicking in. Dun dun dunnnnnn. It’s time for dinner.

But where?

Dundee’s award winning Mexican cuisine, Rancho Pancho, is a popular yet authentic spot, with a delicious selection of food and original cocktails.

Other atmospheric places to eat in the city include: Gallery 48, Bird and Bear, Rishi’s, and many, many more.

Wine please and thankyou

The ultimate end to a chilled weekend should include a glass of wine.

When central bars like West House, Draffins (secret bar), and George Orwell are all super close to taxi ranks, you can indulge in a couple without feeling too concerned about staggering home late.

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You can also enjoy our V&A section, which gives you a peak into the many exhibitions and installations at the city’s famous design museum.

Also – don’t feel shy to let us know your idea of a perfect chilled weekend in Dundee!

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