71 Brewing – where only the finest beers and lagers are crafted

71 Brewing is Dundee’s first new brewery for 50 years.

Its focus is on crafting fresh and seasonal lagers and beers, all filled to the brim with flavour and personality.

71 Brewing was once a 27,000 sq foot ironworks, belonging to the Blackness Iron Foundry.

Of course, the building is no longer a place of smelted iron and steel products, but of unique and delicious beer.


They even sell trendy merch at the Taproom, 71’s quaint bottle shop located on site of the brewery.

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Some bottles being filled and processed for shipping at the factor (Photo: DCT Media).


Where have you tasted beer/lager crafted by 71 Brewing before?

Ordering beers from Taproom like (GIF: Giphy).

Here’s some of the factory’s stockists in Dundee.

Beer Kitchen Dundee, Bird & Bear, Dukes Corner, Jute Cafe Bar, Brewdog Dundee, Mayfly, Castlehill Restaurant, The Winepress, and lots more.

You’ve probably heard of a few?

71 Brewing also stocks to areas across Fife, Angus & Perthshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, AND nationwide.

Brewery tours

Want to find out more about the tours you can take around the factory?

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Here’s what some people had to say about 71 Brewery and its tours:


Facebook: @71brewing

Twitter: @71brewing

Instagram: @71brewing

Opening times

Monday-Wednesday: 10am-6pm.

Thursday-Friday: 10am-10pm.

Saturday: 12pm-10pm.

Sunday: 1pm-6pm.



More info

Address: 36-40 Bellfield St, Dundee DD1 5HZ

Telephone: 01382 203133

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Claire Merten