Calling all veggie fanatics: Here’s SeeDundee’s top ten vegetarian food havens in the city

We’re delighted that Dundee’s veggie community is constantly evolving, paving the way for a variety of high-quality, veggie food spots in the city.

We’ve mentioned plenty of delicious veggie havens on SeeDundee, but sometimes it’s nice to check out your dining options in list form, right?

In no particular order, here’s the top ten veggie food stops in Dundee.

1.  Parlour Cafe

Inside Parlour Cafe (Photo: DCT Media).

We’ll start with well-known cafes.

Parlour Cafe is Dundee’s popular, relaxed cafe offering a wide range of vegetarian, lunchtime favourites – from sandwiches, to salad boxes, to soups, to paninis, as well as baked goods and pastries.

2. Avery & Co

Outside of Avery & Co (Photo: DCT Media).

Avery & Co is a stylish, modern venue with veggie food options for every meal. From starter platters, to sandwiches, to tacos, to burgers, to pasta dishes, to breakfast staples – you won’t be stuck for choice.

3. Marwick’s

Inside Marwick’s (Photo: Marwick’s Facebook Page).

Marwick’s is Dundee’s first entirely vegan cafe – so whether you’re veggie or vegan, this spot will not disappoint. From breakfast buns, to meze plates, to chilli chickpea stews, you can eat away to your heart’s content.

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4. The Flame Tree Cafe

Outside the Flame Tree Cafe (Photo: DCT Media).

The Flame Tree Cafe offers tasty vegetarian soups, rolls, sandwiches, paninis, bagels, cakes, and more – all presented with creative flare.

5. The Bach

Inside The Bach (Photo: DCT Media).

A quirky, Kiwi infused cafe. The Bach offers vegetarian options for every meal, including gluten-free options.

6. Tahini

Inside Tahini (Photo: DCT Media).

On to Dundee’s go-to veggie restaurants.

This authentic Lebanese cuisine has plenty of imaginative, vegetarian options – all served fresh and with a Middle-Eastern twist.

7. Gallery 48

Inside Gallery 48 (Photo: DCT Media).

Gallery 48 has several authentic Spanish, vegetarian dishes – from chickpea stews to vegetable platters to patatas bravas with a spiced kick – this spot is perfect for veggie tapas lovers.

8. DCA Jute Cafe Bar

Jute Cafe Beer Garden (Photo: DCT Media).

DCA Jute Cafe Bar has an array of high-quality vegetarian platters, sandwiches, curries, salads, sharing boards and more.

9. Gidi Grill

Outside the Gidi Grill (Photo: DCT Media).

Although you wouldn’t expect a grill restaurant to have vegetarian options – this one certainly does. With veggie burgers, pasta dishes, salads, tempura, and more – this tasty spot has your back.

10. Forgan’s

Outside Forgan’s (Photo: DCT Media).

Last but not least, this local cuisine is an approximately fifteen minute drive away from Dundee. With plenty of vegetarian options to choose from, you won’t miss out on this outstanding dining experience in the Ferry.

Of course, there are many more veggie food havens in Dundee – these 10 are just scratching the surface.

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Claire Merten