Clark’s Bakery: Discover the delights of a Dundee peh at this local institution

If you are minded to go into a Dundee bakery to buy “twa pehs and an ingin’ ain an aw”, there are plenty to choose from.

But one of the finest is the Dundee institution that is Clark’s 24-hour bakery off Hawkhill.

A pilgrimage destination for generations of students and workers looking for a midnight feed, its pies, fresh cakes and famous “Scoobie snacks” are justifiably popular.

And they don’t just serve traditional bakery products — korma, balti and chicken tikka pies are also among the selection.

Clark’s has been a favourite with locals since 1950.


Address: Clark’s Bakery, 3 Annfield St, Dundee DD1 5JH / Various locations across Dundee

Phone: 01382 641 048

Blair Dingwall