Soup Search: Clark’s Bakery packs in the taste at a price you won’t believe

SeeDundee has launched its #SoupSearch — our bid to find the best places in Dundee to find a cup or bowl of the good stuff.

Up today is Clark’s Bakery in Crichton Street.

Clarky’s, as locals know it, is a real Dundee institution.

Most famous for its 24-hour bakery in Annfield Road, this long-standing family firm now has a number of shops across the city and also has a mobile van serving hungry Dundonians.

But for SeeDundee, their takeaway shop in Crichton Street is always the handiest and it was there I visited to put their soup to the test.

The soup

Clark’s tends to offer one or two different flavours every day. But the choice was a simple one when I dropped in: chicken and veg. They’ll also offer you a buttered roll at no extra cost.

Clark’s Bakery offers a 12oz cup, with a roll, for a remarkable price.

The taste

The best compliment I can give Clarky’s is that their soup is just like my mum makes it. They resist the temptation to do anything too fancy: it’s just good, fresh ingredients, well cooked and seasoned.

I suspect some people might say the chicken and veg was a touch too salty — but not me. I loved it.

It’s also served nice and hot, so was still fine by the time I got it back to the office. No need to blast in the microwave.

Portion size

The soup comes in a 12oz paper cup and they fill it to the brim. I could have had more — but I always want more. The portion size will be perfectly adequate for most people. And with a buttered roll thrown in, it’s a hearty and healthy lunch.


This is where Clark’s really works its magic. Call me tight — most people do — but I’ve never quite got why a bowl of soup should ever cost north of a fiver. So I was delighted to be charged a mere £1.70 for a soup and a roll. That value is going to take some beating.

Pick the right day and they’ll also have an offer — soup and a sandwich for £2.99. Again, it’s amazing value.


It’s a takeaway, so speed is the main aim here. This place is always busy but they get the job done without any fuss. I was served and away again within a couple of minutes. Perfect.


It’s hard to see how Clark’s could do lunchtime soup any better. It tastes great, is served quickly and is ridiculous value.

They have to get a 5/5.

More info

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Richard Rooney

Richard Rooney

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