After a night of stormy weather, Dundee has finally brightened up again: Check out our choc-a-block outdoor activities guide here

Okay, we for one cannot keep up with Dundee’s climate this week… from blistering winds to bouts of beautiful sunshine… SeeDundee really don’t know what to tell you.

If House can’t figure it out… (GIF:Giphy).

HOWEVER, what we can say, is that this afternoon seems pretty bright and mild in our wee city…


So, if you’re not stuck behind your desk in a stuffy office today, why not get out there and sample SeeDundee’s guide to all things outdoors?


There’s nothing more relaxing than reading a book or having a picnic in one of Dundee’s many expansive green spaces.

Photo: Dundee Magdalen Green, the city’s oldest public park (DCT Media).

From Camperdown Park, to Slessor Gardens, to The Magdalen Green, SeeDundee’s info on parks has you covered.

Click here for all you need to know.


Calling all folks who love a good cycle during the brighter days.

Picture shows: one happy cycling in front of Dundee’s historical RRS Discovery Ship (DCT Media).

SeeDundee have exclusive cycling info, telling users the best cycling routes to take in the city, and which cycling maps to download on your phone for the journey.

Click here for all you need to know.


Again, calling all folks who love a good exercise sesh.

Balgay Hill is the centrepiece of one of the city’s largest green spaces, offering walkers excellent views across Dundee (Photo: DCT Media).

We’ve got the lowdown on Dundee’s best walking routes. From iconic hills, to nature parks, to walking tours – you name it, we’ve written about it.

Click here for all you need to know.

Family fun

From wildlife centres, to aqua parks, to Foxlake, our family fun information includes plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy with the kids.

Camperdown Wildlife Park is home to many stunning animals and attractions (Photo: DCT Media).

Click here for all you need to know.

We hope you soak up the pleasant weather this afternoon!

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Claire Merten