Crolla’s Gelateria ice cream parlour is coming to Dundee just in time for sunnier days

Calling all avid ice-cream fanatics.

One’s natural happy place (GIF: Giphy).

Crolla Gelateria, the multiple award-winning family company, is hoping to open in Perth Road in early February.

So, as the days slowly get warmer and sunnier in Dundee, people can contemplate their first ice-cream parlour purchase of 2019 with great care and consideration.

The renowned firm, set up by Italian immigrant Serafino Crolla in Glasgow in 1895, has secured a home in Perth Road which it aims to open this Feb (Photo: DCT Media).

Crolla has more than 60 variations of ice-cream flavours in their other stores, as well as the ‘Cold-Stone Creation’ option, which allows customers to mix flavours of their own choice.

Basically, we’re all in for a treat.

Peter Crolla, managing director, said:

Crolla’s is one of the few little ice cream parlours in Scotland to offer an innovative blend of create-your-own ice cream. The staff look forward to future developments in the history of the company.

Stay tuned on SeeDundee for more details.

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Claire Merten