Did you hear a helicopter buzzing over Dundee this morning? Here’s why

Were you awoken by a helicopter buzzing over Dundee this morning?

Or did you just have to have a little peak out of the office window to see what all the fuss was about?

Well – the helicopter you heard was actually filming for the upcoming, women-lead drama series ‘Traces.’

Filming started on the series (created by Val McDermid and produced solely by women) earlier this week in Dundee.

Traces explores the world of forensic science in Tayside itself, and features TV stars such as Martin Compston (Line of Duty) and Molly Windsor (Girls).

The helicopter set off from Dundee Airport this morning to catch aerial shots of the bonnie city.

Did you see it? Or hear it?

Read more about Traces and its production team here.

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Claire Merten