DUNDEE ON THE MAP: acclaimed lifestyle magazine ‘Scottish Field’ published an article about Dundee’s booming tourist attractions last week

In case you didn’t know, Dundee is well and truly on the map.

Every second day, another leading publication (think Vogue, The Guardian, and Lonely Planet) writes about why people from all over the shop should visit our wee city.

Don’t believe us? Click here to read just a few.

Well, a new publication can be added to the illustrious list, as Scottish Field published an article about Dundee’s booming tourism only last week.

Scottish Field (both a website and magazine) covers high quality Scottish lifestyle content.

The publication, with its Vogue-esque vibe, shares the latest info about Scottish food and drink, home, outdoors, travel, culture, fashion, and lots more.

Established in 1903, it has hundreds of thousands of followers nationwide.

Only last week, Scottish Field published an article with the title ‘More to Do and See in Dundee Than You Remember.’

The article, which praises the V&A for its ‘massive hit with domestic and international visitors’, acknowledges that it’s not just the famous design museum that is redefining the city for the better.

It also nods to the Verdant Works and Discovery Point, which take the number one and two spots on TripAdvisor for Things to Do in Dundee, and have contributed to the city’s boom in tourism.

To read the full article, click here.

We’re extremely proud that Dundee continues to receive the top-notch press that it does.

We hope to see you in our wee city very soon! We guarantee that there’ll be far more to do and see here than you remember.

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Claire Merten