Dundee’s biggest art and design week: The DJCAD Degree Show is back for another year of phenomenal talent and exhibits this May

The DJCAD Degree Show has been a cultural staple in the city’s already choc-a-bloc calendar for a number of years now.

It is at this stage in the academic year that the country’s young and hungry creatives are labouring over their final-year projects, hoping to be recognised during Dundee’s biggest and boldest week of art and design yet.

With 16,000 in recorded attendance last year, we have no doubt that this year’s stats will go down just as swimmingly and if not better.

This is the first year that the incredible mass exhibition is taking place since the opening of the V&A design museum.

With the unprecedented boom in tourism that Dundee has experienced over the last twelve months since the V&A was unveiled in September, we’re excited to see how many more people will travel internationally to soak up the culture in the city.

Professor Andrew Atherton, principal and vice-chancellor of the University, said:

Dundee is a vibrant city with a thriving cultural sector and our Degree Show taking place at the same time as a major V&A touring exhibition and all the other exciting events scheduled for that week is a major milestone in terms of what the city can offer its residents and visitors.

If you are headed to Dundee for the first time for the Degree Show, make sure to check out our ‘DO’ section, so you can discover the ins and outs of our city when you’re here.

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Claire Merten