The King of Islington is home to the best Bartender in Scotland

Dimi Savvaidis (head bartender of  The King of Islington bar) is now officially the first EVER UK winner of the Global Monin Cup 2018.

Not too shabby an accomplishment.

The Monin Cup

This prestigious, national and international competition (hosted by Monin, a world-leading supplier of high-quality spirits, cocktails, beverages, and so much more) is organised for talented young bartenders under the age of 27. 

The winner of the Monin Cup represents their country at the international finals, which are held in France in December 2018, gathering competitors from 44 countries.

Yup, pretty impressive.

Winning the Cup was no easy feat for the accomplished Savvaidis.

The competition had three, gruelling rounds, which tested competitor’s knowledge of the industry, ability to identify ingredients and measurements, and their understanding of the importance of taste.

The final round saw finalists create their own signature drinks recipe.

The recipe for success

Savvaidis’ named his well-received concoction ‘Three Nights in Paris’ –

10 ml MONIN Original

5 ml MONIN Spicy Mango Syrup

35 ml Altos Tequila

20 ml Lillet Rose Vermouth

Lemon zest to stir through

Lemon twist garnish

Serve in a Nick & Nora Glass

The signature serve lead to Savvaidis winning the award as well as a fantastic £5000 prize.

See for yourself

Fancy heading to The King of Islington to sample some delicious cocktails created by the Master himself?

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Claire Merten