Grab your wetsuit and dive right in: The Aqua Park at Dundee’s Foxlake is about to get EVEN bigger and better

SeeDundee aren’t strangers to the glorious world of Foxlake Dundee.

The city’s action-packed, unparalleled aqua park takes watersports to a whole new and exhilarating level.

SeeDundee LOVED sampling some Foxlake activities last Summer.

Former SeeDundee colleague Hamzah Hussain diving right into Foxlake’s wakeboarding activities (Photo: DCT Media).

Ahh, memories.

Anyway, the reason we’re excitedly harping on about Foxlake yet again, is because its opening up for another season of aqua madness.

Except this time, things are even bigger and better than they were before.

Foxlake Adventures, owners of Foxlake, have said that the park’s new elements will “completely transform” the visitor experience, with even more obstacle courses and elements than before.

Plus, Foxlake is set to be approximately DOUBLE the size it was last season.

Foxlake Adventures director Callum Mark said:

The new layout will completely transform the existing set up and will include features like monkey bars, slides, obstacles and new wipeout-style elements.

The current 100ft by 100ft course already includes 18 floating obstacles ranging from free-falling waterslides, to bridges and, ‘ninja runs’.

Who would have thought it could get even better?

So, grab your wetsuit, and let the adventures begin!

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Claire Merten