IT’S OFFICIALLY CRUISE SEASON IN DUNDEE: here’s how our dazzling waterfront opens up to the rest of the world

Dundee’s cruise season has officially begun.

This year’s season is all set to be the busiest on record for Dundee, following the city’s outstanding boom in tourism since the V&A’s unveiling in September last year.

If you’re visiting Dundee for the first time this summer, then you might not know about our excellent cruise port, located on the bonnie banks of the River Tay.

The port is a natural harbour dating back 800 years, surrounded by Dundee’s top visitor attractions (think the V&A and RRS Discovery).

This year’s cruise season is kicking off with the MS Magellan ship, which has been sailing to Dundee for four years now.

The cruise comprises a 14 night sail from the Port of Dundee to St Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia.

Other cruise destinations from Dundee

Of course, cruise destinations from Dundee aren’t limited to one location.

Popular journeys include sails to Iceland and the Northern Isles, the Norweigan Fjords, the best of Norway and the Scottish Isles, Baltic Cities, and St Petersburg.

The Magellan ship is described as a ‘quintessentially British cruise experience’, with two high quality restaurants, whirlpools and on-deck swimming pools, spacious cabins, a fully stocked library, and more.

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Happy cruise season!

We’re extremely proud that Dundee’s transformed new port opens up to the rest of the world, offering city visitors a captivating cultural experience like no other.

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Claire Merten