Oor Wullies are officially in storage ahead of the big auction night

You might notice Dundee looking slightly less colourful when you walk through the city streets today.


Because all 32 Oor Wullie sculptures – as well as the two that were in Perth and St Andrews respectively – have been taken down and put in storage ahead of the big auction event.

The Big Bucket Trail is the first ever trail to cover several cities at once.

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Oor Wullie is Scotland’s favourite son and an iconic Scottish character. This week on the trail we’re celebrating Scotland! – Claire Barclay is a Glasgow based illustrator who creates works and gift products inspired by her love of the Scottish lingo! @clairebarclaydraws created Oor Patter. – “Oor Patter is a celebration of some of Scotland's best loved slang and sayings. A lot of the work I create is a celebration of Scottish dialect as well as the funny quirks and sayings we have. I also thought it would go nicely on Oor Wullie as he loves to use proper Scot's language and so it's a fun twist on that!” – We asked Claire to share what was special about the Scottish language and if she has a favourite Scottish word or phrase; “I love the Scottish language and patter because it always makes me smile and can be pretty funny at times. I'm so proud to be Scottish and I love to create works that celebrate that. I'd have to say my favourite Scottish phrase is 'Pure Dead Brilliant' as it's just so lovely and positive.” – Comment below with your favourite Scottish patter ???????⬇️

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More than 200 statues of the Dundee comic character were dotted around Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness.

The auction will take place on September 16 at Dundee Rep Theatre.

The money raised will go towards building a new childrens’ operating theatre suite in within Ninewells Hospital.

Thankyou to Oor Wullie for brightening up our summer in Dundee.

Claire Merten