See Dundee through a bygone lens: 15 fascinating historical photographs of the city and its people

As we all know, Dundee’s history is richly inspired by all things discovery, industry and design.

Here are 15 fascinating historical photographs of the city and its people.

All photographs are courtesy of DCT Media.

Nine year-old Alison Walker tries her skill at the cycling manoeuvres in 1973 at Camperdown Park

Ice Skating at Stobbie Ponds in 1962.

Hawkhill Brewers gathering supplies for the New Year in 1983

A group of women enjoy a concert in Caird Hall in 1959

Pleasure Drive in Dundee in 1977 (C)DCT

Photograph showing a group of people standing on Broughty Beach with Broughty Castle standing in the background. Date unknown.

Mrs Kathleen Adams and her 10 1/2 year-old son Donald, taking advantage of the view from the 13th floor of Burnside Court multi, Lochee, in 1962.

View from Old Steeple. A view of Dundee City Centre from the Old Steeple in 1972.

Timber Wolf cubs move in at Camperdown Wildlife Centre in 1985.

A scene from the demolition of the old Dundee West Station in 1966.

Old Crocks Tay Swim in 1987.

Old Toll Bar in McManus. The Old Toll Bar’s liscensee, and his wife Mary behind the recreated bar in McManus in 1980.

Old Cowgate. Photograph showing a general view looking over the old Dundee Cowgate, with the Gaumont Cinema in view in 1965.

Steam driven tram car in High Street at the top of Reform street. Date unknown.

Photograph showing the old “Hub” news stand in Dundee city centre in 1960.

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Claire Merten