THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN SCOTLAND: 10 photos you won’t believe were taken here in Dundee


Some folks out there tend to underestimate the beauty and vibrancy of our wee city.

We have a feeling that these snaps might change your mind…

A beautiful sunset silhouetted against the V&A (Photo: DCT Media).

The war memorial on the Law in Dundee (Photo: DCT Media).

Another beautiful snap of the sky above the war memorial on the Law in Dundee (Photo: DCT Media).

Did we mention Dundee is home to this amazing beach at Broughty Ferry? (Photo: DCT Media).

Dundee’s Be Charlotte performing at the 3D Festival in Slessor Gardens. The festival was in celebration of the V&A opening (Photo: DCT Media).

The V&A museum lit up at the end of night fireworks display at 3D Festival in Slessor Gardens Day (Photo: DCT Media).

A brighter scene showing a couple fishing in the sun at Monikie Country Park near Dundee (Photo: DCT Media).

One of three brown bears at Camperdown Wildlife Park in Dundee (Photo: DCT Media).

The Tay Rail bridge viewed from Perth Road in Dundee (Photo: DCT Media).

Leaving you with a breathtaking shot of Dundee Law in winter (Photo: DCT Media).

It’s pretty beautiful… right?

Claire Merten