THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN SCOTLAND: Before and after – Dundee Waterfront’s stunning transformation

It’s common knowledge that Dundee’s waterfront has been totally remodelled over the last five years, contributing to the city’s boom in tourism and international prestige.

The dramatic change in the coastal city’s infrastructure by the River Tay has taken us all aback.

Here’s a reminder of just how far we’ve come.


The demolition of the old Hilton hotel on Dundee’s waterfront (Photo: DCT Media).

Pedestrian walkway to the old Olympia demolished by the “muncher” (Photo: DCT Media).

The “muncher” back in full swing (Photo: DCT Media).

A general view of the main pools in the old  Olympia Leisure Centre (Photo: DCT Media).

The old Dundee train station (Photo: DCT Media).

An example of the major engineering work that has laid the foundation for the waterfront transformation (Photo: DCT Media).


The V&A and Discovery Ship now stand side by side (Photo: DCT Media).

The sun shining down on Dundee’s waterfront (Photo: DCT Media).

Will and Kate during their visit to officially open the V&A museum (Photo: DCT Media).

Joe Fitzpatrick MSP at the opening of Dundee’s £38m Railway Station (Photo: DCT Media).

CMike Galloway of DCC at the opening of Dundee’s £38m Railway Station (Photo: DCT Media).

Picture today shows the exterior of Olympia Leisure Centre and Swimming pool (Photo: DCT Media).

The frozen fog over Dundee and the Tay Rail Bridge earlier this year (Photo: DCT Media).

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Claire Merten