THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR: Scotland is expected to reach temperatures higher than Barbados and Portugal tomorrow

Tomorrow is expected to be the HOTTEST day of the year (Thursday July 25) as a staggering heatwave takes over Scotland.

Luckily, the Tayside area will be hit with the warm weather, which is expected to peak with temperatures up to 30C (hotter than in tropical locations such as Barbados and Portugal).

Locally the hottest place is expected to be Perthshire where the mercury could climb to 27C.

The Met Office says that there is a chance that Scotland’s 2019 high of 30C, set on June 28, may be broken tomorrow.

Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall has said:

We have got a thunderstorm warning in force until 9am on Wednesday. There is a risk of potentially frequent lightning, rainfall, large hail as well and quite significant winds. They will clear off very rapidly and basically once we get to 10am-11am we should have completely turned dry and then it is mostly a dry and sunny day. Essentially you have got hot weather lasting for a couple of more days across Scotland. As we go through Thursday most places will be dry with some sunshine. Temperatures will continue to peak on Wednesday and Thursday, particularly in south-east of the UK.

Claire Merten