Today is UK Punday – Here’s ten Scottish puns guaranteed to make you chuckle

It’s officially Punday Monday, folks.

A day dedicated to the glorious human invention that is the pun.

Whether spoken or written, puns are invariably punny and puntastic.

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Here’s SeeDundee’s punpedia featuring ten of the nation’s favourite Scottish puns.


1. I stole a kilt and I plaid guilty.

2. I was mocked for being insufficiently Scottish. They threatened to have me kilt.

3. The Scotsman’s lover cheated on him. How did he feel? Ewesed.

4. What’s the favourite ride of Scotsmen? Eweber. It’s sheeper than a regular taxi.

5. Being Scottish is an addiction. It’s quite haggis-forming.

6. Anyone who forces me to wear a kilt should be tartan fettered.

7. Anyone else think that Scottish play Macbeth drives them inThane?

8. Something wicked this way puns. 

9. Don’t run with bagpipes, you could put an aye out. 

10. A Scottish cat, aka a plaid o’puss.

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Know any more hilarious puns to add to our list?

We’ll let you know if they get our seal of approval.

Gif: Giphy

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Claire Merten