Today marks the annual January Dook for hundreds across Dundee Tayside – Well done everybody

Whilst you might have spent your New Years day so far watching Netflix and finishing off last night’s scran (no judgement) hundreds of people across Dundee Tayside braved the Tay and North Sea this morning to raise money for important causes.

Good on you, guys! And thanks for making us look bad.

The brave folk of 2018’s January Dook taking their first plunge into freezing waters (Photo: DCT Media).

Communities from Broughty Ferry, Arbroath and Carnoustie took part in this tradition, which has gone on for over 130 years.

The frosty affair was founded and organised by the Ye Amphibious Ancients Bathing Association, who celebrate their 135th anniversary today.

More about the Dook

The dook has been held in the Ferry since 1891 and never been cancelled.

Not even in 1989, when participants had to break the ice before they could enter the water.

Apparently it didn’t for that brave lot (GIF: Giphy).

This year’s event will have a fancy dress parade and competition, as well as a carnival throughout the day.

All participants will receive a hot drink, T-shirt, and certificate for their incredible efforts.

Featured below is some of the brave souls who welcomed 2018 with a dook in the freezing sea.


Also diving in today is the Arbroath Loony Dook. These participants are taking part in aid of Cancer Research.

Ryan Taylor, chairman of the Angus Cancer Research Committee, which organises the event, said:

The dook has been established for nine years. My experience of it is that when you are in the water, it is not too bad – it’s once you get out and into the wind that you become a bit uncomfortable.


The Dook in Carnoustie, at the seafront, is organised by the town’s rugby club. Kath Edmond, one of the organisers, said:

This is our 25th year. We get about 30 to 50 people on the day. A lot of kids and a lot of our junior section go in.


So when did the brave participants take their plunges?

Broughty Ferry – 11:30am.

Arbroath – 12:30pm.

Carnoustie – Noon.

Stay Tuned

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Claire Merten