Trainspotting 2 director Garry hoping to discover Dundee’s acting talent for new film

A director who worked behind the scenes on T2 Trainspotting is using novice Dundonian actors to help create an authentic portrayal of the city.

Garry Fraser, who worked alongside director Danny Boyle on the hit sequel, has now relocated to the city for his latest venture, PTSD.

The project has already created a stir online after the crew filmed in Douglas last month.

The story follows Dundonian Mark Reynolds, an ex-special forces soldier played by Marc Navarro, and his life in the city.

Garry, centre, dark hair, directs filming in Douglas.

Garry revealed the project is in its infancy as he worked with local actors at a workshop run by Socialeyes in Kirkton.

Mike Miller, who owns the firm, said the pair were now working on alternative media after Garry joined the company.

Both explained the ideas created from the workshops are being intertwined into scenes for PTSD.

Garry said: “This is an unorthodox approach by using people who have never acted before.

T2 Trainspotting was a box office success after the original film became a cult classic, and consistently voted one of the greatest British movies of all time.

“They are taking their own personal experiences to bring new ideas to the narrative of this story.

“As great as the V&A and the Waterfront are, we wanted to shine a light on issues facing the city schemes.

“Drug deaths and suicides are factors in that.

“A lot of what we read and see is very much about statistics.

“We rarely get to see the human story behind them and that’s what this is about.”

Actors are getting an invaluable insight into the world of film and direction with Garry’s experience in the industry.

Mike added: “Garry will be based in the city for over a year to finish the project.

“One big thing for me and Garry was this wasn’t just a case of filming in Dundee and moving on.

“As well as the workshops and the filming we want this to be a long-term project in Dundee.

“These actors are taking their negative experiences by finding a release for them through acting.

“During the filming locals were working with actors from films like Quadrophenia.”

The relatively inexperienced cast got a “huge buzz” from shooting on location in Douglas.

Part of the filming will take place in Douglas.

Garry added: “These were scenes worked on in the workshops before being filmed on Ballindean Road.

“The buzz from filming those scenes has been incredible both from the actors and the local community.”

He said the success of the filming had encouraged him to try to release material sooner than planned.

He added: “We are not sure at this stage if this will turn into a film or a series of episodes.

“We showed the cast the success of that night’s filming and they loved it.”

An aerial view of the City of Discovery. Garry has suggested one of the city’s famous multis could be a filming location for part of the movie. (Photo: DCT Media).

Mike revealed they are on the lookout for more local filming locations and support for PTSD.

He added: “We are looking for some brand endorsement and sponsors from small to medium local businesses to help get the filming complete to a level we can apply for funding.

“Although we have secured some locations, we are still looking for a flat in one of the city’s multis preferably with a view across the city.”