Sir Ian McKellen leads the crowds at Perthshire Pride’s first parade

Sir Ian McKellen led Perthshire Pride’s first parade as more than a thousand people came out in support of the LGBT+ community.

The Lord of the Rings actor and LGBT+ activist waved to the cheering crowds as the parade made its way along Tay Street to Horsecross Plaza.

Sir Ian McKellen on stage.

Sir Ian said Perth’s parade was one of only two that he would be attending this year, after also making an appearance at London Pride.

He said: “I just happened to be in the area with my shows at Dundee and Pitlochry and we saw that there was a parade on.

“I managed to get to the London parade and this is the only other parade that I’m not working on the day and they’ve invited me to come along.

“It’s a big deal with it being the first parade – about time mind you.

“It’s about recognition, and there’s families and friends and relatives coming out to support people and make them feel better about themselves.”

Organisers of Perthshire Pride believe this year’s festival was such a success that it more than tripled the crowds from last year’s inaugural event.

Frances Rougvie