St Andrews Brewing just launched a new cocktail menu with some delicious summer additions

One of the best things about summer in Dundee?

Sipping fruity cocktails at noon and looking out at the riverside view.

Well, as the warmer and sunnier days draw closer (slowly but surely), St Andrews Brewing & Co have launched a new cocktail menu with some tasty summer additions.

Without further ado, here’s the new drinks and their ingredients.

Slessor Spritz

The Botanist gin, St Germain mix, elderflower liqueur, lemon, basil, fevertree mixers, elderflower tonic.


Craig & Tail gin, lime, mint, prosecco.

PX Copper Pot

Glenfiddich whisky, Bodegas Lustau, Pedro Xiemenez sherry, pineapple, orange, soda, angostura bitters.

IPA-rol Spritz

Aperol Spritz UK, Aperol, fresh grapefruit, and Yippie IPA.

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Claire Merten