Tay Rail Bridge Disaster Memorials: Poignant reminders of the darkest night in Dundee’s history

On December 28 1879, a passenger train travelling from Wormit to Dundee across the first Tay Bridge fell into the estuary when the bridge collapsed during a storm, killing all on board.

While the final death toll is disputed to this day, at least 60 and perhaps up to 80 souls were lost.

The memorial to the victims of the Tay Rail Bridge Disaster in Wormit.

The bridge – designed by Sir Thomas Bouch – was structurally defective.

Those who died are remembered on memorials erected at Wormit Bay and on the Dundee side of the bridge – the former can be combined with a stroll along the bay’s shingle beach and the latter can be inspected while walking or cycling Dundee’s riverside path.

Richard Rooney

Richard Rooney

Digital producer