Tay Road Bridge: This iconic entry to Dundee also makes a great walking or cycling route

Cynical Fifers used to say – unfairly – that the best thing about Dundee was leaving it at the end of a working day.

But, as anyone who takes a walk or cycle across the 1.4-mile Tay Road Bridge knows, it’s also the best way to see the city from a different perspective.

The Tay Road Bridge is one of the city’s most photographed features.

Once you get used to the rumble of passing traffic — earphones are a good way to block most of the background noise — the central walkway provides the perfect vantage point to take photographs of the city.

Its poker straight shape and gentle gradient make it a favourite for sponsored walks, so be prepared to drop a penny or two into collection buckets.

To access the walkway, head for the waterfront in Dundee and you’ll find steps and a lift up to carriageway level.

Richard Rooney

Richard Rooney

Digital producer