The Miley: A secret escape from the noise of the city

This is definitely one to file under ‘hidden gems’ — as most Dundonians probably know nothing about it either.

With its entrance behind a car dealership on the edge of an industrial street, at first glance the Miley does not look very promising.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust’s The Miley Nature Reserve.

Don’t lose faith, though – venture on and you’ll discover a secret nature trail running along an abandoned railway line.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust route stretches for a mile (hence the name) between Loons Road and Clepington Road and is popular with runners, cyclists and walkers.

It’s a tranquil haven in an otherwise busy stretch of the city.

Maybe not one you’ll make a special effort to seek out, but if you’ve been shopping at the nearby Kingsway West park and need some nature, bear it in mind.

Address: Harefield Road, Dundee DD3 6AB

Richard Rooney

Richard Rooney

Digital producer