The River Tay: Scotland’s longest river gives Dundee its famous waterfront setting

The Tay seen from one of Dundee’s many high points on a sunny day rivals the vista across any river in the world.

Scotland’s longest river meanders for 117 miles, starting life high on the slopes of Ben Lui and becoming a river at the south end of Loch Tay.

Looking across the River Tay to Dundee.

Around 100 cubic metres of water flow out of its mouth every second, making it Britain’s largest river by water discharge.

It feeds four lochs and is itself fed by hundreds of tributaries.

The River Tay even has its own dolphins.

Its various sections are home to an abundance of wildlife, from salmon in Perthshire to seals and even dolphins as it meets the North Sea.

A number of private operators will take you out for a day on the river, with a river taxi service now also linking up with Perth to the west.

The River Tay provides a beautiful setting and an adventure-filled playground for the people of Dundee.

Richard Rooney

Richard Rooney

Digital producer