V&A Dundee unveil quirky industrial robot that’s programmed to blow bubbles

V&A Dundee has unveiled an industrial robot that has been programmed to blow bubbles in the upper hall of the museum.

Soap Opera has been created by founders of the non-industrial robot practice AATB, Andrea Anner and Thibault Brevet.

Bubble installation at V&A Dundee.

The installation consists of a UR10 robotic arm designed to work alongside humans in factories performing tasks that require precision and reliability, such as unloading large items from pallets.

Instead of an industrial tool, it has been fitted with a wand and circular hoop which dips into a tank of soapy liquid.

Soap Opera encourages people to look differently at robotics and consider how they can be used to create playful experiences, beyond their industrial origins.

Lauren Bassam, Project Curator, said: “Our next major exhibition Hello, Robot asks big questions about our relationship with robots, how our interactions with them have developed over time and what the future holds.

“This installation helps us to look at robots differently. As well as prompting us to consider the extraordinary creativity that can be achieved between human and machine, Soap Opera is also about simply having fun.”

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Frances Rougvie